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Sunday, 24 March 2013 15:39

Babek series "Mesokombinat Asenovgrad."

Babek series "Mesokombinat Asenovgrad." Preparation Method: 1.Red meat and breasts ground into a large grid alternately. 2.Мinced meat should be sprinkled with paprika, salt and special mixed spices for Stanimashki bouquet. 3.Should be mixed homogeneously, finally sprinkles with saltpeter. 4. Meat is allocated evenly in the container by the pressure to expel the air. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to rest 24 hours. Then stir once again cover and leave to stand for 24 hours. 5. Using a funnel to the grinder minced meat shall be filled firmly into the casings. 6. The edges should be strictly tied, so it does not get air and finished babek placed on slightly ventilated place in the shade.7. After a few days babek should be rolled. Must be stored between 24 and 48 days (depending on whether it is in the artificial or natural casing) it is required to be rolled periodically.
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