Sushenitsa series "Mesokombinat Asenovgrad."

Sushenitsa series "Mesokombinat Asenovgrad." Method of preparation: 1. Cut well chilled meat into strips. 2. Chopped meat should be digested in 4 mm grid. 3. Chopped meat seasoned with a pre-mixed salt, cumin, pepper, sugar and saltpeter. 4. The mixture should be kneaded well and allowed to stand covered at 2 days storage at 5 °. 5. Frozen fat was cut into pieces with a size of rice grain. Add to the stale meat and kneaded well. 6. Intestines are placed in a bowl, pour in lukewarm water and let stand to relax. Use of bovine and porcine intestines. 7. Once released, the intestines were filled with finished minced using a funnel. If there are any remain air place Prick with a pin, to expel the air. 8. The ends of the intestine are tied and Sushenitsa rank in a dry, shady, well-ventilated place. 9. After 2-3 days (after dim) Sushenitsa are placed close to each other, with pressed board and stacked with weight to get the typical shape of a parallelepiped. Leave to stand as 2 days. 10. If you do not receive the required form for Sushenitsa stay for another 1-2 days. Then again hang it in a cool dry place, dried 20-22 days and should be ready to eat.